If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.–1 John 1:9


Carly was a tenacious defender, but couldn’t shoot well. One thing I loved about Carly was if the basketball was available, she would get it. Because most of her shots didn’t go in, she learned what most players don’t: stop pouting and go get the ball! Carly was queen of the court in our 11-man break drill. In it, whoever got the rebound continued playing in the drill. Carly stayed in one day for 11 trips up and down the floor. She got 11 straight rebounds. Not bad for only being 5’6”.

Mistakes happen. We all have sinned and fallen short of God’s glory; but too many people leave it at that. Sin defeats them, and they don’t rebound. Not everything we do turns to gold, so when we miss in life, we have to rebound and make the most of the next opportunity. When sin is the issue, we must confess our sin, receive cleansing from our Maker, and get back in the game.

Some Christians understand that not every “shot” in life will go in, and to be the best they can, they need to rebound. Making the most of whom God made us should be our goal. Any coach will say that great rebounding will always keep his team in the game. Let’s ask ourselves, are we good rebounders or just poor shooters who are stuck on why we missed in the first place?


1. Why is rebounding after a miss so important?
2. Why is confession of sin so important in getting back on track with Christ?
3. What can you do to be a strong spiritual rebounder?


Romans 6


God, help me not to get distracted from the game of life by self-pity or pride. When I miss a shot, help me to be humble and confess my sin so that I can rebound and stay in the game. Thank You for Your grace and mercy. Amen.

Bible Reference: 
1 John 1