The Relentless Competitor


“But we are not like those who draw back and are destroyed, but those who have faith and are saved.” -- Hebrews 10:39


Competitors love goals, and they pursue them with everything they have. They give their all — all the time. They are relentless.

Here’s the bottom line: Relentless means to be strong, and to relent means to be weak. God wants us to move forward, be strong and not give up. As followers of Christ, we must have relentless love, pursue relentless devotion, and be on a relentless mission to glorify God and bring others to Him.

We also need to be relentless competitors — competitors who have grit and guts and don’t buckle, fade or burn out. Relentless competitors focus on completing their missions and find creative solutions when things don’t go as planned.

Busy competitors cover ground.

Most competitors cover ground but don’t take ground. It’s a matter of staying busy versus being strategic. Busy competitors are distracted by the tyranny of urgency and are often reactive, responding to the needs of the moment. They frequently play defense, maintain and manage, but rarely advance. Simply stated, they cover ground.

Relentless competitors take ground.

Relentless, strategic competitors remain focused on the finish line. They are proactive and align their time, energies and activities around the most important priorities. They are frequently on offense. They remove distractions and avoid interruptions. Relentless competitors move forward and take ground.

Kingdom competitors are relentless competitors who are strategic, not busy. They are decisive, not hesitant. Relentless competitors don’t cover ground; they take ground.

  • Are you a busy competitor or a relentless competitor?
  • In what areas are you covering ground as a competitor? Taking ground?

“Father, teach me how to be a relentless competitor. I ask for Your power and might to compete relentlessly all the time. Amen.”