Rooted in Christ: Who is Your Rock


“…Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock...” Matthew 7:24


Every coach desires to have an athlete with great skills and attitude, as well as a player that is always respectful, humble, and coachable. After one of our games that we lost, I asked my team the following question: “Were you giving 100% to this game?” While nobody was perfect, we lost our game because they were not listening to my instruction as their coach. They heard my game plan and direction, but they all decided to do their own thing and make decisions for the team as they saw fit. My team learned some lessons that night.

At the mountain, Jesus preaches His final parable to His followers. He taught His followers about what it means to truly listen and live out His good, wise teachings. He identifies two main people: the wise builder and the foolish builder. While both builders have the wisdom to build a structure, only one knew how to ensure the structure would stand strong and sturdy the longest.

As coaches or even as athletes, we all know a player or teammate who decides to build their foundation on something foolish or faulty. And usually, the result does not achieve success, and if it does, the success is temporary.

As children of God, we have a choice to follow His Word and build our foundation on something sturdy. While it may be hard to know exactly how to do that, the answer is so simple. It’s just about actively being connected to God daily, ensuring we surround ourselves with His Word by reading the Bible and praying every chance we get. It’s about seeking Him out rather than things or voices of this world.

It’s inevitable that we will experience hard times, a loss of self, or a loss of what we’re rooted in. But Jesus is the One who can make our foundation in life sturdy. He is our rock and the only thing that we can successfully build our life on. Have you committed and rooted yourself in Christ today?

  1. Why it is so important for you and for your team to follow the coach’s game plan and instruction?
  2. Who is your rock or foundation?
  3. Ask yourself how you can inspire my friends and teammates to stay strong in his faith and encourage them with Jesus’ story of wise and foolish builders?

Matthew 7:24-28


“Lord, please forgive me when I build on my life and daily actions on sand from my own understanding and not on You as my sturdy rock. Please help to build on You and trust You more than I have before. Give me confidence in You more than before. I want to be Your witness everywhere in my life. Amen.“

Bible Reference: 
Matthew 7:24
Matthew 7:25-28