Season of Change


“There is an occasion for everything, and a time for every activity under heaven…” -Ecclesiastes 3:1


The reality that I’m a senior in college is finally starting to hit me. It’s a clear reminder that, in life, God takes us through times of transition. We all go through seasons that are no different than those we see in nature.

In Ecclesiastes, Solomon tells us that there is a time for everything. This includes transitions. And, while it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and fearful about an unknown future, we can have peace in knowing that God is in control. Thank God! I know I wouldn’t be able to handle this all on my own.

Often, before those transitions take place, God prepares us through times when we think we’re just “sitting the bench” or not “doing anything for God.” In those still times, He is changing and molding our hearts for what is to come.

I often lose track of the hours of the day and find myself trying to fit my quiet time in between classes or just before my head hits the pillow. But the reality is that God doesn’t just want us to put in the time. He wants us to engage in a conversation with Him in a time of intimacy that can’t be achieved in five minutes of rushed quiet time. Going through the motions won’t cut it. Even if He has to interrupt us as we are sprinting through our days, it is worth it to let Him remind us that the race we run in this life is not in vain.

Today, if your life is currently like mine, if things feel like they’re turned upside down, if you’re wondering if the pile of laundry on the floor is clean or dirty and you can’t remember the day of the week, take some time to dwell in the presence of God. He longs to spend time with us daily, and by drawing close to Him, He will bless your life in ways that you never imagined. Even in seasons of transition.

  1. What transitions are taking place in your life? Can you see how God has prepared you for them?
  2. Think about a time of waiting in your life. How did that prepare you for what took place later?
  3. How often do you spend focused time with the Lord? How do those times develop intimacy with Him?
  4. What hinders those quiet times?
  5. How can you avoid those distractions?
  • Ecclesiastes 3:1-11
  • Matthew 11:28
  • Philippians 2:16
Bible Reference: 
Philippians 2