Sharing Your Faith

When they heard this, they were pierced to the heart and said to Peter and the rest of the apostles: “Brothers, what must we do?” –Acts 2:37
I remember a teammate coming to me and asking, “So how do I become a Christian?” After trying to share Christ with this guy for two seasons, he was finally open! Here was a great window of opportunity and I choked! My answer was pretty lame!
We may pray for our teammates, encourage them, give them literature, provide positive role models, and hopefully shatter their misconceptions of what they perceive a Christian to be; but are we prepared when they ask, “What must we do?” Do we have a response? Sometimes we are so focused on preparing the message that when it comes time to deliver, we blow it.
Can we explain the basics of Christianity? The Apostle Peter emerged as a brilliant communicator, but it wasn’t a natural gift. The Holy Spirit gave him the words and he proclaimed them fearlessly. He was prepared. In Acts 2, we learn from Peter’s very effective proclamation that first, he and his friends had been praying; second, he had guidance by the Holy Spirit; third, he used Scripture to communicate the good news; and lastly, he was genuinely eager for them to be saved. Having the opportunity to share our faith with a friend will be one of the most significant opportunities of our lives. We need to be prepared and get some training. At the least, if we are caught off guard, we can say, “Let me show you what Peter said when somebody asked him about spiritual matters. Let me show you Acts 2.”
1. Have you shared your faith with anyone recently?
2. What can you do to make sure you are prepared for if/when you get the opportunity?

Extra Reading: Acts 2:14-47

Father give me the words and opportunities to tell my teammates about You. Amen.
Devotion from A Sporting Guide to Eternity by Steve Connor. Used by permission.
Bible Reference: 
Acts 2