A Space and Place


"Be still, and know that I am God!" -- Psalm 46:10a


In order to lead self, you must know your self. In order to know your self, you must know God.

I've often been challenged by this phrase. How can we as leaders in sports, in ministry and in the workplace, lead ourselves and others well? In many ways, it's simple. In other ways, it's challenging. But as things clamor for our attention and affections, we can be drawn away from the One who desires us drawn near to Him. Yet, our leadership character depends on our ability to grow. And our ability to grow is greatly influenced by our ability to be still and stay close to the Lord.

As a leader in ministry, I'm challenged to not only intentionally grow in my self-leadership, but also my faith. Understanding who I am and how the Lord has uniquely created me, enables me to serve and lead in the ministry He has called me to. My faith and my leadership growth are not separate. They are intricately entwined.

In Psalm 46, we see the psalmist challenge us to "Be still and know God." What an opportunity! As leaders, our greatest calling is to stay close to the Lord and cultivate a rich relationship with Jesus Christ. By staying close, we're able to grow in our leadership ability and character. Staying close allows us to operate out of the overflow of our skills, gifts and talents to those around us. We're able to lead with a posture of humility and encouragement. We're able to recall Scripture in moments of decision and see God's movement in the things we're entrusted with. It's the greatest opportunity we have as a leader to stay close to God.

This is the work of the heart.

But how can we cultivate our faith and self-leadership? It's by creating an intentional environment where we can be fully present with the Lord. By shutting off our phones that hunger for our attention, we're able to seek a space and a place where we can be still and know the Lord. Cultivating stillness to dig into Scripture and read the Word allows us to grow in our affections for Him. As we grow in our affections for the Lord, transformation will happen and we become a different, more effective leader.

Often, I will plan an annual weekend retreat where I'll create "space" for a few days and spend time in prayer, reading God's Word, enjoying nature and seeking rest. I often bring a few women I mentor with me, so they, too, can be still and know the Lord. I'll also create a "place" in my home that is set apart for meeting with God each morning or evening. Each of these spaces and places builds for me a solid foundation in which I can then lead from.

By intentionally creating a space and a place to meet with the Lord, we're able to cultivate a richness in our faith and, as a result, our self-leadership flourishes. When we're able to seek and know God, then we can lead our self and others well.

  • Do you think of your faith and your leadership intricately entwined or separate? 
  • What stirs your affections for the Lord? What lessens your affections?
  • What's your space and place to meet with the Lord?

Deuteronomy 8; Psalm 46; Psalm 62:1-2; John 15:1-11


“Holy God, grant us peace in this noisy world, that all our attention may be directed toward You. Help us to discern Your presence and listen to Your voice. May Your ways be made known to us through the calming of our hearts and quieting of our minds, in the name of Your Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.”

Bible Reference: 
Psalms 46:10
Deuteronomy 8
Psalms 46
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