Into the Storm


“When you pass through the waters, I will be with you, and the rivers will not overwhelm you.” – Isaiah 43:2a


Storms in Colorado can be unpredictable, given the terrain of the mountain range. Cows and buffalo there roam near one another and are similar in many ways, but they react differently to the storms.

The cows see the storm coming and scatter. They run away in fear believing they can avoid the storm, but in the end, it always overtakes them. Their running only keeps them in the storm longer, extending their pain and discomfort.

The buffaloes see the storm and run into it. They come together as a herd and run straight into the storm. In doing that, they actually shorten the time spent in it and reduce the negative impact. By staying together, they defeat the fear and remain encouraged that they can and will overcome the storm together. 

Life is full of storms. Sometimes we’ll anticipate them, and other times we’ll be surprised by them. As athletes and coaches, the competitive environment can be a storm. 

Let me encourage you to run into the storm. Each of us has a choice. Will we confidently face the storm with faith in the God of the universe? Or will we run away in fear? Will we unite as a team and stay together, or will we scatter?

As you run into the storm, stay tight to Jesus, and know He will never leave or forsake you. Go with your teammates and players, knowing you’re better together. And ignore the noise, knowing that focusing on Jesus gives you power.

Don’t be afraid of the storms of life. Instead, use the storm to become better. Run into it together!

  1. What storm are you running from right now?
  2. What one thing can you do to change direction, rely on God and others, and weather the storm?

Ephesians 6; Hebrews 12:1-2


“Lord, help me to run into the storms of life, knowing that You are with me wherever I go. Amen.”