Strength of Integrity


"The one who lives with integrity lives securely, but whoever perverts his ways will be found out." — Proverbs 10:9


We never know when our past can be launched into the present. Owning a contracting company for twenty-one years in the same area in which I am an assistant coach can hold surprises. I have often coached athletes for whose parents I have done work. One of the items I emphasize to the athletes is personal accountability to yourself and your teammates. I also strive to run my business and base my life on the same principles. Whether it is with my employees, athletes, fellow coaches, friends, or family, the only way to uphold my integrity is through consistency in my values.

Though we all make mistakes and come up short at times, we are not alone. In 1 Kings 9:1–9, our Lord emphasizes the importance of integrity of heart to Solomon. Paraphrasing this passage, it states that if he walks as his father David, his throne over Israel will last forever. While we may not be pursuing thrones, can we expect our athletes to believe our examples if we don’t act the same away from the field? I think not, so my prayer almost daily is to remind myself of the value of strength of integrity.


1. When do you most find yourself struggling with integrity issues?
2. Is there a common thread that ties them together?
3. What do you need to do to ask God for help with this thread?


Extra Reading: 1 Kings 9:1–10; Proverbs 10:9


Lord, in a world where integrity seems to be forgotten, help me see those times when I put my own at risk. Give me the strength to ask for help and even more strength to listen. I pray that I will remember there is always someone looking up to me and to be aware of that. Lord, use my life as an example of integrity so that it may be passed on to another generation and to the athletes whom You have entrusted to me. Amen.