Job 36:15   But those who suffer he delivers in their suffering; he speaks to them in their affliction.


Hockey Chat: The current engraver, Louise St. Jacques is the engraver of the Stanley Cup every year.  During engraving, the Cup is disassembled from the top down. The band being engraved is clamped onto a homemade circular jig that creates a steel background for stamping. Special hammers with different head-weights are used to strike against a letter-punch to sink each letter into the silver.  When complete, it is another part of the awesome masterpiece.


Life Lesson:  When we feeling clamped down and beaten, the Creator is seeing past the moment to the beautiful finished creation.  Although it may not always seem that easy, we have to trust and submit ourselves to Him to undergo transformations to build us up to be even greater.

Bible Reference: 
Job 36