TEAM Effect


"Iron sharpens iron, and one person sharpens another.” – Proverbs 27:17  


It’s one thing to make the team, but it’s an entirely different battle to become a team. In basketball, as in all team sports, the kids who could play best as a team usually won more than they lost. Teams working in sync usually beat individuals, even if those individuals are more talented.  

For those of us part of “Team Jesus,” think about how much more we can accomplish together rather than individually. There’s a reason God wired us this way. He created life as a team sport, meant to be lived in community. We are uniquely designed to build up and guide one another so we can fulfill our potential and accomplish our God-given purposes.  

Whether you’re on the court or on the battlefield, the success of your mission depends on your unity. There is power in unity. And the same is true in every aspect of life.  

People who have a “workout buddy” are 70 percent more successful in achieving their health goals. Those who commit to using a trainer or coach are also more likely to see real results. We all have something inside of us that doesn’t want to let others down. When we realize someone else’s results are symbiotically linked to our effort and decisions, there is immediate accountability. This is why group training organizations like CrossFit and Spartan Racing are growing exponentially. The team is stronger than the individual parts.  

"We all need help from others. The “Team Effect” simply makes you want to be your best."  

  • List up to 3 people who you will invite onto your “fitness team.”  

  • List one thing you will commit to do to become your best and challenge others as well.  

  • How can you be at your best spiritually with the help of your “Team Effect”?  


Father, I admit that I oftentimes like to keep to myself, especially when I am struggling. Help me to open up to others I trust, that we may hold each other accountable and make one another stronger in our faith. Amen.