That's My Boy

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

-John 3:16 

The game was tight, and the season was on the line. The Eagles, down one point, awaited the final free throw. With five seconds remaining on the clock and no timeouts left, the Eagles would need a basket to advance in the playoffs. Swish! Down by two now. The ball went into play for one last trip for the Eagles. The pass was made, but Ben did not have the time to find another teammate. He had enough time to make one move and let it go from half court. As time expired, the ball hits the mark, dead center, and the Eagles won by one point. Ben stood at half court, silent, with his feet together and arms open wide. The gym erupted with joy, and from the stands, you heard one voice over all the others. "That's my boy! That's MY boy!" It was Ben's father.
What an amazing sight it is to see a team win in such a fashion. But we have a far greater example that took place many years ago. Not on the field or court, but on the streets of the Middle East. It started in humble, unassuming stable, and over 33 years transcended time and space to achieve the ultimate victory in life. God sent His Son -- His one and only Son -- to be the Savior of the world for our victory. How do you think God felt when He watched Jesus being born to Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem? "That's my boy!" When He turned the water into wine? "That's my boy!" When He raised Lazarus from the dead? "That's my boy!" When He rode into town on a donkey and was hailed King of Kings and Lord of Lords? "That's my boy!" Then finally when He climbed the hill of the skull with cross in tow and blood spilling from every open wound; when He was nailed to the cross and was hanged to die as payment for our sin so that we could have life eternal? "That's MY boy!"

God did so love us that He sent His Son to earth to become like us and to live and die for us. What a God! What a Father! What a Savior! As proud as Ben's father was of his accomplishment that night, it fails to compare with what God felt the day His Son went to the cross. Our sons and daughters will accomplish much in life with many great victories and a few defeats along the way, and there will be countless fathers in the stands with similar chants of, "That's my boy!" But may we always remember that it may have been said for the first time so many years ago when our heavenly Father watched His Son give the world victory that day. 

1. Are you giving you children proper praise and encouragement?
2. If you are not a parent, how are you encouraging those around you?
3. How do you think God felt about watching His Son here on earth?

4. Today, how can I be thankful for God's Son? 

1 John 5:1
1 John 4:14

John 6:38 

Bible Reference: 
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