Training for the Rain


“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.”
- Romans 8:18 


A few days ago, I went out for a long training run. It wasn't a particularly pretty day, and I wasn't exactly looking forward to the run ahead of me. About four miles in, it started to drizzle. A mile later, it was raining. I found myself looking around realizing that I was the only one around running in the rain. My mind started to harp on how miserable it was, how much longer I had to go, and how I could probably just take a shortcut and go home. Then I felt God speak to me.

What if it rains on race day? Sure, I can pray for beautiful weather on race day, and I can praise Him if that's what He gives me. But what if it rains? Does God not want me to race? Do I sit out because I'm not prepared for it? Does my attitude toward the weather have an effect on my performance? Does my attitude have an effect on the people around me?

It was as clear as if someone was standing right beside me saying, "If you train in the rain, you'll be ready when it rains." For the rest of the run, I absolutely worshipped. Every drop was a blessing. If the weather is beautiful, God is good. If it's terrible, God is still good. The same thing rings true in every area of life. When everything is going great I want to praise Him with everything I have. When everything feels like it's falling apart, I want to rest in the knowledge that God is still good and deserves just as much praise! 


1. How are you training for the rain?
2. How can you praise Him in the peaks and valleys?
3. How does your attitude in the “rain” affect those around you? 


John 16:33
2 Corinthians 12:10
Philippians 3:14; 4:12-13
1 John 4:4