True Champions


Then a champion named Goliath, from Gath, came out from the Philistine camp. He was nine feet, nine inches tall.–1 Samuel 17:4a


My wife coached with the Houston Comets when they were crowned the first WNBA champions. When most people see her championship ring, very few think about what it took to obtain it. The Comets won it all because that team consisted of true champions.

A champion is by definition an ardent defender or supporter of a cause or another person; one who fights; a mighty warrior. In the case of Goliath, it literally means the man between the two, denoting the position he held between the quarreling camps. From this vantage point, we’re given a very clear indication of what a true champion is: one who willingly steps up when it’s time to do battle.

In our great High Priest, we have the ultimate model of a true champion. For those who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ for eternal life, we know He willingly stepped up to do battle with sin. Had any of us attempted toaccomplish what Jesus did on the cross, we would’ve surely failed. Every day, we do battle with sin. What makes Jesus unique as a true champion is that not only did he do battle with sin, but He defeated it! That should be a great encouragement for us. Because Christ defeated sin, we have exactly what we need to defeat it as well. We benefit from that truth when we recognize it’s only through Christ we become true champions.


1. How is your view of the word “champion” different from or similar to how the Bible defines it?
2. Which is more important to you: winning a championship or being a champion?
3. What steps could you take to become a champion in God’s eyes?


1 Samuel 16:7; Psalm 119:11; Proverbs 4:23; Matthew 6:21; 12:34; Romans 6:11-14


Lord, I pray that You will change me to think, talk, and live more like You. Please grant me the privilege of doing great things for Your kingdom. Amen.