For You are our glory and joy! -1 Thessalonians 2:20


Glory – it is such a simple word. It is what all of us play the game for. We want the glory associated with being an athlete. We want to be recognized for our skill. Who doesn’t want to win a championship this year? How many times have you put your goals for the season down and listed “To NOT be remembered”?

At first glance, we have it all messed up. We should not want to get the entire spotlight. We should want to be a team player. We should not want to be so focused that we “win at all costs.” It’s in the nature of a competitor to “go for it.” Shouldn’t we want to be that focused?

The answer is we should be that focused, but not on a game. God wants us to be that focused on Him. The singing group Mercy Me has a song entitled “Unaware.” In it they say, “Nothing else matters here but glorifying Your name. I am unaware that I still breathe. Unaware of everything, knowing You’re aware of me.”

That is the focus God wants us to have. Let’s be honest for a minute. What else is there except God? Regardless of our background, or how bad we were and still are at times, He STILL loved us enough to die for us.

1. How can you strengthen your focus on God in the way you live your daily life?
2. What things in your life cause you to lose your focus on God?
3. What satisfaction will you get from focusing on giving God glory?

Extra Reading: Matthew 28:18-20; Mark 1:35; Luke 5:16; Acts 2:42-47


Lord, I want to live a life focused on You. Help me to avoid distractions that keep me from pursuing You. I want to glorify You in everything I do today. Help my actions and thoughts be glorifying to You. Amen