Walk Out Faith


“How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.” -- Romans 10:15


One of the best feelings in athletics is that new shoe feeling. The box opens, and the shoes are fresh, clean and pristine. No stains, no marks, no creases. But after just one wear, they aren’t brand new anymore. Even if the shoe looks the same, the bottom sole is already dirty and worn. You can tell shoes have been worn if you look at the bottom of the shoe.

In the Bible, Romans gives us a perfect picture of telling others about Jesus. Paul writes about the process of someone being saved by asking questions. How can someone be saved unless they have believed? How can they believe if they haven’t been told the Gospel? How can they be told if someone isn’t sent to tell them? Paul wants us to see there is a process. And just like new shoes, things begin to happen once people start to speak about Jesus.

In our lives as Christian athletes, we understand the soles of shoes. But let’s look at the soul of our hearts. Have we broken in our faith by wearing our faith? Have we run to tell others about Jesus? Have we walked out our faith?

Or, like new shoes, is our faith on the shelf, not being used or creased? The sole of new shoes stays beautiful by not being worn. The soul of our heart stays beautiful by spreading the Good News.

  • How would you describe the condition of your faith? Worn or put on a shelf?
  • What stops us from sharing the Gospel?
  • How can you walk out your faith more?

“God, I want my feet to walk daily for You, not just on Sundays. Help me have a faith that is walked out and lived out daily. I pray others see my faith and know it’s been worn for You. Amen.”