Way of Living


"God, create a clean heart for me and renew a steadfast spirit within me."
-Psalm 51:10


I am sure we all have heard about the passing of Reggie White, the former NFL defensive great known as the "Minister of Defense." Reggie passed away on December 26, 2004, from a condition known as sarcoidosis, which affected his respiratory system during his sleep. White was one of the most respected players on and off the field. He also was known for how he preached his faith throughout his playing career.

In a recent interview shown on NFL Films, White told a different story about his faith and football. For years when he played he admitted that God did not tell him to do this or that, and he was putting his will in place of God's will. "Now, when I look on it, maybe I was wrong," White told NFL Films. "God doesn't need football to proclaim who He is … I came to the realization that what God needed from me more than anything was a way of living instead of the things I was saying." Reggie White realized that all his talk was cheap, and that he needed to live out his faith more.

As believers, we do a pretty good job of talking about our game, but do we really live up to all of that talk? As we start a new year in 2005, are you ready to start a new way of living? Are you ready to live the faith you've always talk about? Reggie White realized that even as good a life as he lived on and off the field, he could have done more living and less talking. God does not want our idle chatter about living for Him. He wants our 24/7 lives to change and for us to become more like Him in our everyday activities. Let's start 2005 doing more than just talking. Let's live for Him!


1. Is your Christian walk just idle talk?
2. What needs to change in order to make your faith a way of life?
3. Today, what can you do to start the new year living out your Christian walk?


Matthew 7:15-23
James 1:22-25
James 2:14-25

Bible Reference: 
James 2