Wear the Colors


"For I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is God’s power for salvation to everyone who believes, first to the Jew, and also to the Greek." -Romans 1:16


I can still remember when my coaches handed out uniforms to those of us who had made the cut. We were all so proud to be wearing our school’s colors. The best part was being able to wear our jerseys to school on game days. Being identified as part of the team somehow made each one of us walk a little taller.

And now I have the blessing of seeing my young sons experience that same thrill of putting on their uniforms and being part of a team. When they put on their jerseys, they seem to grow in confidence, as if they are truly part of something special.

My sons are proud to represent their teams. They know that their teammates are counting on them and that they can count on their teammates. They will give everything they’ve got. They will leave it all on the field!

The reality is that everyone likes to be identified with his or her favorite team. No matter what are your favorite teams, chances are good that you like to wear gear with their logo on it. We all like to “put on the uniform.”

As competitors for Christ, we are called to put on His uniform. The FCA Competitor’s Creed states:

I am a Christian first and last.
I am created in the likeness of God Almighty to bring Him glory.
I am a member of Team Jesus Christ. I wear the colors of the cross.

If God passed out a jersey to everyone who was a part of His team, would you be proud to wear yours? Would you grow in confidence knowing that you were representing the Creator of the universe? Would it make you give everything you’ve got? Would you be proud to “wear the colors of the cross,” or would you be ashamed?


1. Are you as excited to be identified with Jesus as you are to be identified with your favorite sports team?
2. What are some practical ways that you can “wear the colors of the cross” when you are competing?
3. How will knowing that Jesus is on your team help you to be more confident when you compete?


Extra Reading: Mark 8:38; 2 Timothy 1:7-8; 2:15


Lord, help me to be eager to be identified with You. Help me to represent You in competition and in life, for I am not ashamed of the gospel! Amen