What are You Hungry For?


“Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled.” – Matthew 5:6


What are your big goals? Maybe it’s to earn a starting spot on varsity. It could be that you desire to be the first coach to win a national championship for your school.

Whatever they may be, if you are passionate enough, these goals wake you up in the morning and keep you going. You won’t be able to achieve these goals unless you are hungry for them. If you have ever experienced true hunger, you know you will do anything to rectify the situation. When you have an empty stomach, all you can think about is finding food to be full. When we have a goal that we are hungry for, all we can think about is how to achieve this goal.

What if that goal was righteousness? When you break it down, righteousness is the pursuit of morality or justice. The thirst for righteousness leaves no room for selfish gain. What if your goal wasn’t to be the best player on the team but to be the best teammate you could be? Because here is the thing about our goals. There is nothing wrong with having personal goals; I recommend it. The problem arises when we think our personal goals will be what fulfills our souls. Jesus said that those who thirst for righteousness will be filled.

The goal to be the best player on your team isn’t wrong; what’s wrong is when you think it will fulfill you once you reach that goal. It won’t. If we focus on goals directed toward righteousness, once they are achieved, we will no longer hunger but be filled.

So, wake up, turn your goals toward God’s Kingdom, and pursue righteousness with each step you make.

  • Make a list of your goals, divide them, and see how many focus on personal gain versus the pursuit of righteousness.
  • In your own words, what do you believe righteousness means?
  • Are you currently hungry or fulfilled?

“Father, only You can fulfill us. Help us examine our hearts and determine if our goals here on earth are for selfish gain or Your Kingdom. Amen.”