Who He Is


Mark 8:29  "But what about you?" he asked. "Who do you say I am?" 
Peter answered, "You are the Christ."


Hockey Chat:  Martin Brodeur used it as a popcorn bowl when he took his wife and children to see the movie ''The Kid'' in Montreal.  Scott Gomez brought it into an Anchorage park on a dog sled.  Petr Sykora took it to an orphanage in Prague.  Scott Niedermayer flew it by helicopter to the top of the Rocky Mountains in Cranbrook, British Columbia.  It’s been used as a flowerpot, baptismal, and champagne glass.  Yet regardless of all the uses it has seen, the Stanley Cup is still a symbol of hockey greatness and the most prestigious trophy in all of sports.


Life Lesson:  Jesus had asked this question to his disciples and got a bunch of different answers.  Of all the titles we can put on Jesus he is always know as Christ, meaning Messiah (Savior or Deliverer). There are many titles that we give him; Healer, Teacher, Friend.  Yet, He will always be first and foremost Christ the Savior to all, for through him, all men can be delivered to everlasting life with the Father.

Bible Reference: 
Mark 8