Why Do You Coach?


"Likewise, encourage the young men to be sensible about everything. Set an example of good works yourself, with integrity and dignity in your teaching. Your message is to be sound beyond reproach, so that the opponent will be ashamed, having nothing bad to say about us." —Titus 2:6–8


One of my players committed a costly turnover during a basketball game, and I screamed, “How could he be so stupid?” I had officially hit rock bottom as a coach. Winning games had become so important to me that I publicly demeaned a player. My will as a coach needed to be broken and conformed to God’s will. So I spent some time with God and asked Him, “Should I still be coaching?” God graciously provided the answer in Jeremiah 7:3, “Correct your ways and your deeds, and I will allow you to live in this place.” When I knew that God wanted me to coach, I needed to ask “Why do I coach?” Was it for the wins or my personal glory? Or was it to have an impact for Christ?

The answer to my question, “Why do I coach?” came from Les Steckel, the president and CEO of FCA. Coach Steckel shared that he had gone through a similar struggle in his coaching career. He eventually learned that his coaching needed to be “all about the relationships.”

As coaches, we hold one of the most influential positions in our society today. Athletes look to us to provide leadership, encouragement, love, and guidance. Imagine the eternal impact your coaching would have if it were “all about the relationships.”


1. Write down the five most important reasons you coach. Try to be as honest as possible.
2. What changes in your coaching do you need to make to give it more eternal value?
3. What is more important to you: winning games or winning souls?


Extra Reading: Matthew 6:33; 16:26; 1 Corinthians 3:12–15; 10:31; Colossians 3:23–24


Lord, I thank You for giving me the gifts and the abilities to coach. Please forgive me for using these abilities for my own glory. I pray that You will help me use my influence as a coach to build relationships that will further Your kingdom. Amen.