Wrong Basket


"Yes, a person is a fool to store up earthly wealth but not have a rich relationship with God."
-Luke 12:21 (NLT)


The highly anticipated day had come! The big event would take poise, quickness, speed, agility and craftiness. All the skills necessary for success would be needed on this day. The participants were eagerly awaiting the important word. The starter stepped to the front and with one simple word ("Go!"), and it was ON! Participants flew out of the start like cannon shots. Darting back and forth, back and forth, up and down they went! Jumping, running, diving and catching, they hurried to not be the last one to finish. The annual Easter Egg Hunt had begun!

One participant had a great idea. He would not carry his basket, but keep them with him until he found all the eggs he could find. He was sure he would win with all the eggs he had found. He hurried to put all his eggs in the basket and went to get something to drink because of the hard fought struggle of another trying hunt.

When all the eggs were found and counted, the young, proud participant awaited his certain prize. To his dismay, he did not win! How could that be? He wanted a recount, but he had made a huge mistake. He put all his eggs in the wrong basket! His sister won because their baskets were side by side. Good thing for him, his sister realized the mistake and shared her prize.

Does that sound familiar? Many people are running the race of life only to find out that all of their eggs have been in the wrong basket. What are these eggs? What is the right basket? Consider these "EGGS" that others put their trust in:

Ego — We become the bomb, which usually leads to an explosive ending.
Girls or Guys — Putting that someone special ahead of the One who made us special.
Getting more — Stuff, stuff and more stuff will get us where we need to be in life.
Status Quo — Comfort zone … Alert! Do not get out of it!

So where are you putting your eggs these days? In the right or wrong basket? The right basket leads to eternal life. The wrong basket leads to death. Make sure you know your eggs well, and just where you are putting them.


1. Have you put your eggs of life in the wrong basket?
2. What are these "eggs"?
3. Today, how can you start to put the proper eggs in the right basket?


Matthew 6:19-21
Mark 13:31

Bible Reference: 
Luke 12