You Are Bold


Since, then, we have such a hope, we act with great boldness. -- 2 Corinthians 3:12


When it comes to declaring our faith to our teammates, or standing up for what we believe in (even if no one else supports us), we can shrink back and stay small. But God does not intend for you to live small. He is making you strong, resilient and bold.

When we are strengthened in the Lord’s Spirit, God gives us an outpouring of boldness to help fulfill our purpose. We can face the things that make us tremble, like telling a teammate about Jesus or standing up for what we believe on social media, despite the backlash.

God equips us to face our fears with His strength and comforting presence. There is nothing the Lord brings us to that He will not be in with us.

With God, we can be bold:

In Faith

When we know that we know that we know, nothing can come between our faith and our Creator. Once we accept Jesus as our Savior, it’s only the beginning of a vibrant, ever-growing relationship that shapes us into His image. The more we immerse ourselves in His Word and allow it to nourish our mind and spirit, the more we can rely on the verses we need when we need them. As we spend time with God in prayer, listening to Him and presenting our needs, the closer we get to His heart. The more we serve the world as the hands and feet of Jesus, the more hope we offer people who desperately crave it.

In Life

It’s a rough world. Temptations abound, cultural norms stand opposite to what God says, and we are constantly distracted by the temporal things that clamor for our attention: status, influence and power. As the world spins seemingly out of control, we can stand firm, fixed on God’s unchanging truth. We can be a voice of truth and love, boldly proclaiming the better way in Christ. Our teammates, neighbors and friends need someone to stand up for what’s right, and the more we’re infused with the eternal ways of God, the more confident we can proclaim what truly matters.

In Relationship

Jesus placed a high value on relationship. He took great care in conversing with those who society saw as outcasts, and He was drawn to those who knew their need for saving. We have a fantastic opportunity to follow in His footsteps and strengthen our relationships with those whom God places in our sphere of influence. Strengthening our faith includes discipleship, which is walking alongside a teammate or peer and pointing them to Jesus in every area of life. We grow together; it’s God’s design. When we can sharpen one another in faith and remind each other of our identity in Christ, we encourage each other to live boldly for the Kingdom.

God is with you, wherever you go. Go out for Him today, into a world that is waiting to be transformed. He will give you what you need. You are loved, you are valued, you are bold.

  • Where have you become fearful? How can you bring God into those fears and live in boldness with Him?
  • Who in your life has been an example of boldness to you? What do you admire about the way they live out their faith?
  • Go through The FOUR with a teammate and show them their need for Jesus today.

“Lord, this world can bring so much fear. Sometimes, there is so much noise in the news feeds, the locker room, in the stands and everywhere I go. Would You lead me in Your truth, and enable me by Your Spirit to step out in boldness to share You with those around me who need to know the love of Christ that saves them? Thank You that You are with me, wherever I go, helping me know what to say. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”