Animal Trivial

Give each person a copy of the following on a piece of paper and a pen. Give them a certain amount of time (three minutes or so) to find a different person for each of the “animal trivialities” listed. When they find a person, have them place their initials in the blank. If possible, try not to use an individual more than once.

Animal Trivialities:

  • Ridden an elephant
  • Bathed a dog
  • Had a hermit crab for a pet
  • Petted an exotic animal
  • Had a pet named Spot, Rover, Fluffy or Tiger
  • Taken a pet on an airplane
  • Kissed a pig
  • Had more than four pets at a time
  • Thinks a dog is the best pet
  • Thinks a cat is the best pet
  • Potty trained a pet
  • Bottle fed a pet
  • “Herded” cows, pigs or some farm animal
  • Never had a pet 
Physical Activity Level Low
Group Size Small