Do You Love Your Neighbor?

Place all the chairs in a circle before the session begins. One person starts in the middle of the circle. That person goes up to someone and says “(name), do you love your neighbor?” If the person being asked the question answers “NO”, then the people on either side of them have to switch seats with each other. While these two people are trying to switch seats, the person in the middle asking the question has to try to get in one of their seats as well. Note that the person who answered “NO” stays still while all this is going on around them.

One person will be left without a seat. If the person were to answer “YES” then his/her neighbors remain in their seats. The person who said “YES” then needs to follow their answer with a statement that begins “Yes, I love my neighbor, but I would love them even more if they wore blue jeans.” Immediately everyone who has on blue jeans has to switch seats with one another. The person in the middle must try and find a seat so a new player is in the middle. This game gets very intense, but it is a fantastic game to get kids and adults laughing and having a splendid time. 

Physical Activity Level Low
Group Size Both