Superhero Challenge

Materials: none: pens and paper optional

Divide into groups or tables of 5 or 6. In 2 minutes, with your group members, create a superhero based on Christian principles or Biblical principles or events. You must list 3 superpowers and at least one weakness. For example: (Superpowers: can walk on water, part a sea, full of patience. Weakness – speaks only King James English)

Next, assign each group to another and pair up to form a larger group of 10 – 12. Each group has two minutes to show off their superhero to the others. The group now must decide on a superhero to represent them in front of the whole group. They may choose to use one superhero or the other, or combine their superhero into a mix of the two, still only using 3 superpowers and one weakness. (keep time… (4 - 5 minutes max)

Pick one person from each group to “become” that superhero and represent your group onstage or in front of everyone.  All superheroes will gather together in a “Superhero Contest” to tout their strengths and one weakness. One minute max for each superhero.

By cheering, everyone will now vote on who will be the Ultimate superhero.

Wrap up: ask students to raise their hands and tell why Jesus is perfect, and the only One worthy to save us from our sins. No one else comes close.

This leads into a great discussion on the following:

  • Jesus – role model or Savior? 
  • Jesus – tempted, but sinless, became sin, died and overcame grave
  • Jesus – came from imperfect (human, manger, carpenter) to become perfect (King, Savior, Redeemer).

Length 12 minutes
Physical Activity Level Low
Group Size Large