Ministry Tool

More Than Winning Radio Commercials

We are excited to offer you a large range of radio spots to help promote FCA in your area.
We have a variety of general spots as well as specialty spots promoting different aspects of our ministry.


  • More than Winning - Coach
  • More than Winning - Season Ending Loss
  • More than Winning - Peer Pressure

How to use them:
1. Select the one(s) you want to air when you have a station in your area donating PSA’s/radio time to FCA. You can listen to them, and the station can download them from FCA Resources under Marketing. Scroll down to “Radio Spots.”

2. Be proactive and call on a local station who might have a manager with a heart for FCA. Take your lap top or log on at the station to TeamNet. Let them listen to the spots and decide they want to air them!
Suggested stations to contact:
-Local Christian
-Stations who air the local sports games and reports

How do I edit for local contact information:
Many local stations will help you edit/add local information, but you may also contact FCA for counsel or recording help.