Outreach Idea

Freshmen Orientation

If you're a college huddle, most colleges have freshmen orientation. All freshmen report to campus a week before the rest of the college. This is a great opportunity to invest in new student athletes.

Here are several things you can do.

  • Contact your college coaches and find out where on campus their freshmen athletes are living. Then, take your existing FCA huddle and break up into pairs, one guy, one girl. Visit these freshmen at their dorms, introduce yourself, FCA and invite them to come to your first huddle. Leave a flyer behind so they'll remember where and when you meet.
  • Consider assembling a "Welcome Kit", to bring each freshmen, include a Gatorade, Cliff Bars, encouraging bible verse, STV magazine, Sports New Testament or anything else!
  • If your college has a organizational fair for freshmen, make sure you have a table/booth set up. Print off flyers promoting your huddle, give FCA waterbottles or cups out for free, toss a football around and BE FRIENDLY!

With a little intentionality, you can engage freshmen and slowly build your leadership team. From my campus experience, the best way to leave a legacy with your ministry, after the upperclassmen have graduated, is intentionally building into the incoming freshmen.

Check out the links below for additional resources to help you in this outreach