If I weren't a huddle leader...

Plot of Skit:
Each person has an occupation that they would be if they weren't huddle leaders.
This is just a funny skit that gives all the huddle leaders a chance to be up front.
All of them sing the song with just one person at a time singing the last part…”a
farmer I would be. Give, Bessie, give. My baby's got to live.” Then they all do
their individual lines before repeating and adding another person.

Characters: As many as you want

Listed below is the song and some examples for you to use.
If I weren't a huddle leader, I'll tell you what I'd be.
If I weren't a huddle leader, a ________ I would be.

FARMER: Give, Bessie, give. My baby's got to live.
BIRD WATCHER: Hark, hark, I think I see a lark. Splat!
FOOTBALL PLAYER: Hut, hut, hike! There's that girl I like!
CHEERLEADER: Go! Win! Fight! I hope he calls tonight.
ARMY: The few! The proud! I'm shouting really loud.
CARPENTER: 2 by 4. Nail it to the floor.
SHOPPER: Charge it! Charge it! Daddy'll pay the bill.
SINGER: Do Re Mi. I sing off key.
GOLFER: Birdie. Par. These terms are so bizarre.
HAIRDRESSER: Clip. Clip. When I get done she'll flip.
REFEREE: Traveling! Foul! Throw in the towel.
PLAYER: You stink! Throw in the towel.
WEATHER PERSON: Rain! Rain! I think I'll go insane.




Just for fun.