Too Light, Too Heavy, Just Right

Person 1: (enters the room with a bible behind his/her back and walks up to person 2) ( in a quiet voice) Hey, well i'd like to tell you about this guy who died 2000 years ago.  Okay bye!!!

(sign pops up that says "Too light")

Person 1 (Yelling) Get saved!!!!!!!!!!! (hits person 2 with bible)

Person 2 No

Person 1 (Louder)  Get saved!!!!!!! (again hits person 2 with bible)

Person 2 No!!!!!

Person 1 You're stupid!!!

Person 2 No I'm not!!!!!!!!!! 

Person 1 don't lie. the Bible says not to lie.

Person 2 that says "holy bible"

Person 1 Inside not outside dummy!!!!

(Person 1 pulls up to hit the other again but then sign pops up that says "Too Heavy")

(Person 1 in the last section walks up to person 2 and properly whitnesses to him/her they exit a sign pops up that says "Just Right")

Have fun with this skit. make it original!!!!

Length 5 minutes

This skit was created to show how to wittness to kids at school.

Number of People 2