I've been running around like a crazy person lately. Games, practice, kids, travel, etc. I never seem to have the ability to squeeze life into the 24 hrs. that God gives me. It seems that the first thing that gets cut out is my prayer and study time. It's weird how we instantly go ahead and cut out the most important thing. I guess its because God doesn't complain or put up a fight. If I miss practice I get in trouble.  If I don't spend time with my kids they will pout or become distant. If I don't pay my bills the bank will take my house.  If I don't spend time with God he will just wait.  He is always there. No matter how many times I blow Him off or improperly prioritize my life,  He is patient and forgiving and will always be there.
The funny thing is when I give God my firstfruits, there is always more than enough time. When I fellowship with Jesus daily, somehow I always get everything done with time to spare.  God is absolutely counterintuitive. It doesn't make any sense to us and thats because His ways are not our ways.  Thank God. What would happen if I had control of my own life.  I will tell you..... Disaster!
Thank God he loves me enough to not let that happen.

Make it a great week.