Filling your Void

Guys work their entire lives to win the superbowl or the Stanley Cup. They dream of it as a little kid and envision themselves hoisting the cup. Their whole lives are consumed with the idea of being the best. For a very select few, this dream becomes a reality.  In the post game interview they are asked the question, "what does it feel like? "  They usually respond, " it hasn't sunk in yet. "  The sad thing is it never will.
Don't get me wrong, winning is great. It is a lot more fun to win then it is to lose. I also believe in having goals and dreams and doing everything in your power to realize them. But a lot of guys believe the misconception that winning a trophy will complete them.
I have a friend that spent his whole life this way. He wanted to play in the NHL. He felt like he would be happy if he got a game in the show.  That game came and went and he was still empty. Then it turned into a big contract.  That came and went and he still had the emptiness.  He won a Stanley cup and still he was missing something. He was on a perpetual search for an unattainable thing. It was only when he realized that the only one who could bring true biblical joy was Jesus.
We all are born with a void in our souls. The the void is in the shape of Jesus. No amount of money, fame, friends, or power could ever fill it. The only one that can fill a God shaped hole is God himself.
Stop looking to find joy in stuff. Let me save you some time and tell you its not there. Develop your relationship with Jesus and watch as you grow in contentment and joy.