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Ambitious - Chapel

Chapel – Ambitious

1 – Introduction – Think about the goals toward which you are ambitious.
• Team goals – post-season play / playoffs
• A conference championship
• All-conference awards (Academic also)
• All-American awards (Academic also)
• Simply another win, today.
• This is good ambition. It’s not selfish and it benefits everyone associated with the team.
• I see similar altruistic ambition in a man named Caleb in the Bible.

2 – Read the text – Joshua 14:6-14
• Notice that Caleb’s ambition came from his heart, not his ego. He loved his family and his teammates like Joshua. He desired the best for them. His ambition was toward their best interest.
• Notice that his ambition carried him through 45 very tough years. All his teammates from Kadesh Barnea, but one have died.
• Notice how his ambition led him to finish strongly. He’s 85 years old and wants to go take on the giants in the hill country.
• Notice also that his ambition left a legacy for the future. That hill country is still the possession of his family.

3 – This scripture leads us to four simple points for our competition today.
• Let your ambition be fueled by your heart, not your ego. Selflessly seek the best for your teammates.
• Let your ambition carry you through today’s rough spots and the adversity which will surely come. Keep your goals in sight and pursue them.
• Let your ambition enable our team to finish strongly.
• Channel your ambition toward leaving a legacy for our youngest teammates and those who have yet to join our team. Maybe we’ll be telling stories about you in years to come.
• Let’s be ambitious like Caleb and compete with all our hearts.

4 - Prayer

This resource provided by Roger D. Lipe

Bible Reference: 
Joshua 14