Bible Study

Senior Day - Chapel

1 – This could be the last competition for some of our senior players.

  • Many of us have competed together for years.
  • On a day like this, what should characterize the attitudes of our most senior players?
  • I see a great model at Joshua 14 and verses 7-14.

2 – Joshua 14:7-14 (read the text)

  • Caleb is now 85 years old, but he’s not ready to retire.
    • “I was faithful to what I was told.”
    • “I’m as strong today as I was 45 years ago.”
    • “Give me this mountain!  I’ve heard there are giants there.”

3 – I wonder about our seniors. 

  • Are you ready to be done or would you like to keep playing?
  • I believe we can play well into the playoffs.
  • We can do so if you will lead us with an attitude like Caleb’s.

4 – If our seniors can say at this day’s end:

  • “We have done everything our coaches have told us,” then we will succeed.
  • “We are just as strong as we were in pre-season,” then we’ll be winners today.
  • “Give me this mountain, I’ve heard there are giants up there,” then we’ll play in the playoffs.

This resource provided by Roger D. Lipe

Bible Reference: 
Joshua 14