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Chapel – Comparisons

1 – Do you watch web sites for the weekly team power rankings?
• Do you pay attention to the state or national rankings of teams in our sport?
• Do you read the paper to see who beat whom?
• Do you make comparisons between teams and players?
• Sometimes, such comparisons could be misleading and lead you to a poor performance and with it a disappointing loss.

2 - Let’s get some wisdom in relation to making comparisons from II Corinthians 10:12 (read the text aloud).
• The number one ranked team in the nation is not the standard against which we measure our success.
• The first place team in our conference is not the standard against which we measure our success.
• The last place team is certainly not our measure of success, nor are the teams we have defeated or lost to already this year.
• A greater standard for our team and for each individual is “competing to the height of our ability.” This is success.
• This standard does not change based upon an opponent’s ability.
• This standard is constantly raised to new heights as we develop as players and as a team.

3 – Today, avoid the foolish comparisons and make it your aim to compete at your highest capacity.
• In doing so you will raise the level of play for all those around you.
• Strive to maximize our team’s abilities today.
a. Each player
b. Each coach
c. Each play
d. Throughout the duration of the game

4 – Achieving highly through pursuit of that standard will result in the internal satisfaction which comes with fulfilling one’s purpose.

5 - Let’s leave the less than wise and external comparisons to others.

This resource provided by Roger D. Lipe

Bible Reference: 
1 Corinthians 10