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Heart for Teammates - Chapel

Chapel – Heart for Teammates

1 – To have the Heart of a Champion one must have:
• A heart for competition
• A heart for training
• A heart for teammates

2 – Today we will talk about having a heart for teammates.

3 – John 15:12-13 (read the text)
• Jesus’ command was for these men to love each other. They did it.
• Jesus defined the greatest kind of love – to give one’s life for his friends.
o He did that literally. He died for them and for us.

4 - We do that in less severe ways.
• Sacrificing playing time to develop younger players.
• Sacrificing a position for another to make the team better.
• Sacrificing minutes, possessions, or personal records to fit the game plan.
• The coaches sacrificing family time for team success.
• Sacrificing preferences or conveniences.
• Sacrificing our bodies to enable our teammates to succeed.

5 - Greater love has no one than this – to give one’s life for his friends. This is our challenge for today’s competition.

This resource provided by Roger D. Lipe

Bible Reference: 
John 15