Bible Study

FCA Ryan Hall Summer Games Bible Study

Part I

Obsession and Idolatry

  1. Has there ever been a time in your life where you were so obsessed with a goal that it took the place of everything else in your life?

  2. Why do you think we place such a high priority on our goals and desires?

  3. When you compete, is your desire to make your name great or to make the name of Jesus great?

  4. Read 1 John 2:17. What does this verse say about our desires? How does this relate to earthly obsessions?

  5. Is there a certain desire that has taken God’s place in your life as the top priority? What will you do about it?

  6. What daily habits can you develop to help you stay focused on the Lord?

Freedom and Gifts

  1. What is one gift (physical, mental or spiritual) that you feel God has given you?

  2. Ryan Hall said, “There’s something very freeing about giving your gifts back to God.” What do you think it means to give our gifts back to God? How is that a freeing experience?

  3. Have you given your gifts back to the One who gave them to you?

  4. Why is this freedom important?

  5. Read Matthew 25:14-30. According to this parable, how can we please God with our gifts?

  6. While there is freedom in releasing our gifts back to God, we are still called to be good stewards of our talents. What are you currently doing to develop your gifts?


  1. If you are being honest, is your main goal in life to please and glorify the Lord?

  2. If doing what was pleasing to the Lord would prevent you from achieving a personal goal, what would you do?

  3. Why should our goal be to praise God?

  4. Read Philippians 3:14. What is the prize that Paul refers to in this passage? Are you pursuing that prize?


Part II -

Spiritual Freedom

  1. Why do you play your sport?

  2. How do you worship God through that sport?

  3. Regarding athletics, whose approval do you seek most?

  4. Read Colossians 3:2. Why is it important to set your mind on things above and not on earthly things?

  5. What tangible steps can you take to reset your mind to focus on the Lord?



  1. How do you respond to challenges in your life? When things become difficult, are you quick to give up?

  2. In your own experience, what have been the results of hard work? Of laziness?

  3. Read Colossians 3:23-24. What should be our attitude regarding our tasks? 

  4. According to that verse, why are we called to work that way? What will be the results of that hard work?


Passion and Pursuit

  1.  Regarding his running, Ryan Hall said, “I feel like it is the Lord running through me … I feel like He’s the One doing the work and I’m just kind of catching a ride”? In what area of your life can you relate?

  2. Think of the things in your life that tie together your passion and skill set. Do you feel God’s hand at work through you when you are engaged in that activity?

  3. Read Psalm 37:4. What are some of the desires that God has given you?

  4. How can you make that activity more of a partnership with God? 


Length 30 minutes
Bible Reference: 
1 John 2