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Introduction - Get Focused Study

What is “Get Focused”?

“Get Focused” is a four-part video series (each video is approximately 12 minutes) with study guides designed to help people make decisions based on the standards described in the Bible.

In George Barna’s book Think Like Jesus, he reports* that only 9% of evangelical, born-again believers have a “Biblical Worldview.” The remaining 91% make decisions based on a more “relative standard.” In other words, their decision is relative to the circumstances.

“Get Focused” is designed to help a person think through these through four different topics:

  1. The Coach: Based on what He said and did, Jesus is unique. He should be considered as the ultimate “Coach” for a person’s life.
  2. The Playbook: The Bible is historically different from any other religious literature and addresses all aspects of a person’s life.
  3. The Training: Effective living requires preparation and focus. Both need to be built into a lifestyle of habits.
  4. The Game: After a person has embraced the ultimate Coach, he or she must make lifestyle changes based on the Bible, which Jesus saw as life’s “Playbook.”

How should a campus ministry leader use “Get Focused”?

There are a number of ways to use “Get Focused.” The key is to make it work for your ministry. Be creative and pray that God will show you the best way for you to utilize this resource.

Here are several suggestions:

  1. Campus ministries that meet for one hour and can commit to a four-week series should plan on using this resource over a four-week period. The videos and studies are connected, so it is best to do them together. (Each video can be understood without the studies and can be followed by newcomers.)
  2. Campus ministries that meet for less than one hour are encouraged to show the video and then discuss the “Quick Huddle Questions.”
  3. Campus ministries that meet for less than one hour and want to go deeper than the “Quick Huddle Questions” are encouraged to show the video one week and do the complete study the second week. By doing this, the four-week series now becomes an eight-week series.

Quick Huddle Questions

To be used with the videos when there is limited time.

  • The Coach
    • How did Jesus change history?
    • Read John 10:30 and Mark 14:61-61 and answer, “Who did Jesus day He was?”
    • Who do you think Jesus was?
    • How does this help you “Get Focused”?

  • The Playbook
    • What fact about the Bible is most interesting to you and why?
    • Have you ever considered the Bible a historical book?
    • Has the Bible ever helped you? Look up the verse that has help you and explain why.
    • How has this helped you “Get Focused”?
  • The Training
    • Who knows more about a car, the mechanic or the engineer that designed it?
    • What are the different things each know?
    • Read John 10:10, and answer, “How is it that Jesus could know the best way for us to have an abundant life?”
    • Read John 14:23, Ephesians 3:16 and Acts 5:42 and answer, “What are some training tips Jesus gives us for an abundant life?”
    • How does this help you “Get Focused”?
  • The Game
    • What makes the difference between something that is right/wrong for you and what is right/wrong for other people?
    • If you disagree with something your friend is doing and you don’t speak up are you allowing them to be hurt?
    • Read Psalm 25:10 and answer, “How have you seen the Lord’s ways help others?
    • Do you think Jesus’ definition of right/wrong ever changes?
    • Have you ever considered making your decisions basedon what Jesus would think?
    • What would this look like?
    • How does this help you “Get Focused”?

*Think Like Jesus, George Barna (Issachar Resources, 2003).


Bible Reference: 
Ephesians 3