Bible Study

Nichole Jones - Smiling Through Adversity

Please Note: This study corresponds with the Winning Edge videos found on the 2009 Inside Out DVD. Due to copyrights, the video cannot be made available online.

For You have made me rejoice, LORD, by what You have done; I will shout for joy because of the works of Your hands.  How magnificent are Your works, LORD, how profound Your thoughts. Psalms 92:4-5

  • Nichole Jones started her track career at a young age. Her results were not great. What can you learn from her perseverance?
  • Through her trials and injuries she continued to smile. What brought her great joy? Where does your joy come from?
  • Jones track career took off and became successful. What was the word most used to describe Nichole by her friends? How can a highly successful athlete remain humble?
  • Read Psalms 92:4-5. What can you learn from these verses?
  • Nichole was challenged not only to memorize verses in the Bible, but she memorized chapters. How can memorizing scripture change your heart and life?
  • Jones continues to find joy in every area of her life. What area of your life brings you the greatest joy? Greatest sorrow? How can you turn your sorrow into joy today?
  • Give thanks with a grateful heart. Pray and ask God to give you joy through your journey of life.
Bible Reference: 
Psalms 92