Injuries are a part of virtually every competitor's career. But while they may sideline us physically they don't have to spiritually.

  • Devotional

    Speed Bumps

    As athletes, it’s easy for us to find ourselves in situations that we never played out in our minds. Down by 10 in the...
  • Devotional

    Wrestling with Worship

    This past winter I was having the best wrestling season of my life. I was physically and mentally strong, and I was able to...
  • Article

    A Cyclone's Path

    Rachel Hockaday immediately knew her season was over. In Iowa State’s opening match of the 2010 season, she jumped for a...
  • Article

    Staying True

    It might sound crazy, but tearing my ACL in January 2001 was a good thing. At the time, however, I wouldn’t have agreed. The...
  • Article

    Seeing the Light

    It’s a simple phrase, yet one that means everything to former two-sport Baylor University star Melissa Jones, who ends every...
  • Perseverance


    Sometimes it's not easy to look past the injury or defeat. But Christ calls us to persevere in our Christian faith and we...
  • Outreach Idea

    On-Campus Clinics

    Host clinics for various sports on strength and conditioning, nutrition, sports psychology, how to avoid injury, treatment/...