Bible Study

One Mission - Give it!

Give it!

The focus of this day is to understand that once you GOT IT, you must GIVE IT in order to experience your true Mission.


Design a practice jersey that would illustrate your Mission in life. Make sure to include your Mission’s “battle cry” (i.e. “All for One!,”
“It’s gonna take all of me, “Watch Out – I Got It!”)

With a partner share what your practice jersey looks like and your Mission’s “battle cry.”


What is the one move or technique that you think you could coach somebody on? What would you say? How would you coach them? Do you have anybody on your team that you have seen trying to coach a younger player? How was this received?

Group 1

Read John 14:23, 24

“If anyone loves me, he will _______________ my ____________________. My Father will _______________ him, and _________________ will come to him and make our __________________ with him. He who ____________________ love me will not _______________ my teachings.”

What are some of Jesus’ teachings that first come to your mind? How could you know Jesus’ teachings in a better way? What are the two results of obedience? What do you suppose it means when Jesus says “we will come to him and make our home with him”?

Group 2

Read John 20:31

“But these are written that you may ________________ that Jesus is the ___________________, the Son of God, and that by __________________ you may have _____________________in his name.”

What are the things that were written? What did these things prove? How have these things affected your heart? By reading and believing these things we are able to have what? What do you suppose this means? Is this an instantaneous things or a life-long pursuit? Does this mean now? Does this mean after we die?

Group 3

Read John 15:1-5

“I am the true ____________ and my Father is the ___________________. He _________________ off every branch in me the bears _____________ fruit, while every branch that _______________ bear fruit, he ___________ so that it will be even more __________________.”

“I am the ____________; you are the _____________. If a man _________ in _________________ and I in him, he will bear __________________fruit. Apart from me you can do nothing.”

What is the relationship between the vine and the branch? What do you suppose the disciples thought when they first heard this? How do you think this works out in the real life of a teenager? What does the fruit that Jesus was talking about look like? What would Jesus' fruit in your life look like? How are you planing on staying connected to the vine?

Today we have looked at three different parts of what a Mission in Jesus is all about: learning more about His teachings, walking obediently and bearing fruit. These are three critical components of your having a Mission.

Cool Down

In our closing section, write out what you think is Jesus’ Mission for your life in the following areas for this school year.

Jesus' Mission for Me:

Put a check in these boxes if you’re committed to doing it:

[   ] Receiving Jesus, your Savior and way to the Father
[   ] Relying on Jesus for purpose and meaning in life
[   ] Reading the Bible
[   ] Going to church
[   ] Going to FCA meetings
[   ] Being in a Bible study
[   ] Walking in Obedience
[   ] Relying on Jesus to define truth for me
[   ] Thought life
[   ] Relationships
[   ] Wrong behavior
[   ] Bearing Fruit
[   ] Sharing Jesus with friends
[   ] Leading a team Bible study
[   ] Being an example on your team
[   ] Being an example to your friends and team
[   ] Being the son/daughter Jesus would like you to be
[   ] Starting an FCA Huddle
[   ] Being a leader on your team

Now close in prayer asking Jesus to help you accomplish His mission for your life this year and beyond.

Extra Innings

Who is the one person you would like to come to know Jesus. Take time as a group to share who that is and then go around the a circle having the person on your right pray for you and you and the person you want to share your faith with.

Bible Reference: 
John 20