Bible Study

One Mission - Got it!

Got it!

The focus of this day is to understand that those who GOT IT have a heart that is impacted by Jesus, which in turn impact every area of their life.


Your athletic career is over; you are at your Hall of Fame induction ceremony. The emcee for the evening is going to introduce you and all of your life’s achievements. Provide for them what you would want them to say in your introduction – both things that you have accomplished and things you would like to accomplish. Don’t limit to just athletic achievements. What would you want them to say about your character? Your lifestyle?

With a partner share the key accomplishments that the emcee will highlight.

Work Out

Describe one of your best athletic performances. What made it so good? What clicked – skills, conditioning, instruction, etc.? How did that make you feel? How many of these performances did you have? What did your coach say? What did your teammates say? Now describe a miserable one. What happened? How long did it take for your confidence to recover? What effect did this have on your teammates?

Group 1

Read John 3: 17-18

“For God did not ____________ his Son into the world to ______________ the world, but to save the world through him. Whoever ________________ in him is _______________ condemned, but whoever does ____________ _______________stands condemned already because he has not _______________.

Jesus came to do what? To not do what? How does one not stand condemned? What does it mean to not be condemned? How is forgiveness factored in? What are some things that need forgiveness? Which of these areas, behaviors, habits, etc. are things that have been in your life that you are thankful there is forgiveness for?

Group 2

Read John 14:15-17

“If you ________________ me, you will ________________ what I command. And I will ask the Father and he will give you another __________________

to be with you forever – the Spirit of ____________________.”

According to this verse, those who love Jesus will do what? Jesus will then give you what? How long will this counselor be with us? What do you suppose the disciples who heard this thought? Why was this so important to them at this time? In what areas of your life do you need a counselor?

Group 3

Read John 14:6

“Jesus answered, I am the Way and the truth and the ________________.  No one comes to the ____________________ except through me.”

What do you suppose the disciples who heard this thought? Why was this so important to them at this time? How do you know how to lead the best life for yourself? How do your friends know how to lead the best life? What does Jesus say life is in this verse? How can a person be life? How important is the last sentence?

True life can only be known through knowing the Creator and Designer of life. By themselves, nobody understands how to lead a perfect life. Jesus understood this and tells His followers that life is found in knowing Him. Then His Spirit will be their Counselor and Coach for life.

Cool Down

To complete the Mission of your life, in what areas do you need Jesus to coach you through His Spirit – the Counselor. What type of coaching do you need?

If Jesus were my Coach, I would ask Him for guidance in the following areas:

Now close in prayer asking Jesus to guide you in these areas to help you complete your Mission in life so your life looks like you GOT IT.


Bible Reference: 
John 14