Bible Study



  1. In the last year, what have you had to endure to compete in your sport?
  2. What is most helpful to you as your persevere through hard situations?
  3. Who has been an example of perseverance to you?
  4. Let’s read about an instance of how someone showed perseverance.  Read these sections of Genesis 37:18-24, 39:7-10, 19-21, 40:2-4, 20-23, 41:14-16, 37-40.
  5. Through what sorts of things did Joseph have to persevere in these pieces of his story?
  6. Through what sorts of situations might you have to persevere in the course of your athletic career?
  7. What impact would an attitude like Joseph’s make upon your circumstances?


  • Persevere through the tough times associated with competition.
  • Encourage others through your experiences of having persevered in the past.
Bible Reference: 
Genesis 37