The Turnaround

"You shall be in charge of my palace, and all my people are to submit to your orders. Only with respect to the throne will I be greater than you."

-Genesis 41:40 

Things did not appear to be going in the right direction for the St. Louis Cardinals at the end of the 2006 regular season. They had lost nine of their last 12 games and had squeaked past the Astros to make the playoffs. "We might have limped a little," said infielder Aaron Miles, "but once we got into the playoffs we started sprinting." When no one gave them a chance, they turned things around at just the right time and "sprinted" past the Padres, Mets and Tigers to win their first World Series championship in 24 years.
Imagine yourself sitting in a prison because of a crime you didn't commit with no hope of parole, then one day you are summoned by the king because he has heard that you can interpret dreams, and he has two that he wants you to interpret. What's going through your mind? This is the situation we find Joseph in Genesis chapter 41. To make a long story short, Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dreams, and Pharaoh ends up putting Joseph "in charge of the whole land of Egypt" (Gen. 41:41).
Wow! What a turnaround for Joseph. The key to Joseph's story was his relationship with God. We read numerous times that God was with Joseph whether he was in the pit, in prison or in the palace.

Maybe you are facing some trials today and are hoping that life will turn around for you. If so, I encourage you to go to God and sincerely pour out your heart to Him. The turnaround may be the situation, or it may be your attitude towards it. Regardless, God wants to help you turn things around. 

1. What is the biggest turnaround you have experienced in sports?
2. Where in life would you like to see a turnaround? Why?

3. How can your relationship with God make a difference in this situation? 

Genesis 41
2 Samuel 22:29
Esther 9:20-22
1 Peter 1:3-9 


Bible Reference: 
1 Peter 1