God desires to redeem a broken world and the world of sports. Learn what God wants to do in you, through you and in your sport.
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    Forget the Past

    Does your past have a grip on you? It’s time to let it go and move on!
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    Have you ever fallen into the pit of despair, landing in a pool of your toxic mistakes and filthy sin? There in the depths...
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    'It's a GOD Thing"

    Prior to the 1999 Major League Draft, Josh Hamilton was considered a prospect with all the tools. A 6’4” southpaw who could...
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    Redeeming Love

    “Love.” What a commonly used word with so many meanings. It can express how we feel about almost anything. We love our jobs...
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    Session 3: Missing the Mark

    How Does God Forgive Me? How Can I Forgive? READY Imagine that the game or match is on the line and your number is called...