After the Madness


"Jesus answered, 'I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.'"
-John 14:6


Four teams. Three great games. One champion. The madness was definitely present at the Final Four this year. People everywhere, parties all night, drinking out of control. Was the madness about basketball, or bigger than that?

The poor digging in the trash, the beggar asking for a mere 82 cents, and prostitute trying to find her client for the night all became a visible part of the madness of the weekend. Coaches, fans and people were trying to have the time of their lives by seeking earthly pleasure. However, behind it all — behind the madness — there was hope. That hope was found in ministry. A time of prayer with nationally known coaches, encouragement from a nationally known author and pastor Max Lucado, a concert with the Katinas, a Bible study featuring the top executive of the coaches association, and a worship service that inspired all who attended. These events and more provided the hope for many who came to see hoops. Heaven came down and God's glory was evident to all.

For most in San Antonio, the games were good, but for more than 100 people, they were just the appetizer to the main course: coming to know Jesus Christ for the first time or committing to live for Him again. Through the madness came ministry, and through the ministry came the moment. The moment when God spoke to the center of their hearts and they made the best decision of their lives. Thanks to ministries that partnered with FCA (Focus on the Family, Athletes in Action, Champions For Christ) hundreds of coaches and families were reached for Christ. Thanks, God, for the madness!

The Road to St. Louis is already paved in prayer. Isn't March Madness the best?


1. Are you looking for opportunities for ministry on a daily basis or waiting for others to do it?
2. Is your sport more important than your faith?
3. Think of someone you can share your faith with today.


Matthew 4:18-19
Matthew 28:16-20

Bible Reference: 
John 14