Be a David

"David said to Saul, 'Don't let anyone be discouraged by him; your servant will go and fight this Philistine!'"

-1 Samuel 17:32 

Competitive toughness is something all athletes strive for. Tennis legend Chris Evert once said, "Competitive toughness is an acquired skill, not an inherited gift." The ability to be tough mentally and physically in sports today is something that athletes have to work for daily. For example, just because your parents may have been great athletes does not mean it will come to you, as well. You have to work on it.
David developed competitive toughness as a young boy. He watched the family flock of sheep, had to fend off lions and bears, and had to endure a long stretch of patience when he wanted to fight in battle but was not allowed. When David finally got his chance, however, he was ready. He willingly took on a massive warrior and won. He was not afraid of Goliath because he knew he could defeat him. The Lord was with David, and David used that edge to help him throughout the rest of his life.
As the described "man after God's own heart," David can teach us many things with the example he lived both in and beyond his bout with Goliath. In fact, we should all be David's when it comes to certain areas. Check them out below:
1. Be a David . . . Courageously defend your flock against the lions and bears of the world.
2. Be a David . . . Be willing to fight the Goliaths in life, one stone at a time.
3. Be a David . . . Be a loyal friend no matter what the situation.
4. Be a David . . . Be ready to lead, regardless of your age or status.
5. Be a David . . . Face your failures and own up to them.
6. Be a David . . . Never take forgiveness lightly or take a blessing for granted.
7. Be a David . . . Learn from your mistakes.
8. Be a David . . . Strive to develop trust and faith in your teammates.
9. Be a David . . . Create an unchangeable belief in God's faithfulness.
10. Be a David . . . Chase success, but pursue God's heart.

We can learn a lot from David's successes and failures, and I would encourage you to read about his entire life when you have the time so that you can fully understand each point on the above list. However, in the end we can summarize "being a David" by loving God, loving others and loving life. Be tough, be competitive, be a Christian in the midst of the battle, and be a David, a man or woman after God's own heart. 

1. Are you tough in your sport, mentally and physically?
2. In what spiritual areas do you need to get tougher?

3. Today, how can you be a David in the midst of life's daily grind? 

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