God’s Fearless Warrior


“The LORD who rescued me from the paw of the lion and the paw of the bear will rescue me from the hand of this Philistine.” — 1 Samuel 17:37


One of my favorite Bible stories is David versus Goliath. David was smaller than the others, weaker than most his age, and by the world’s standards, not prepared to play in the “big game” against the Philistines. If we were to read the pregame report for this battle, he would not have been on the roster. David surprised everyone, though. He was empowered by his belief in a God who could overcome any obstacle or challenge . . . even a Philistine giant!

My “David” experience came after a game against our league rivals. As expected, our invitation to post-game prayer was met with rejection from the opposing team. As our team gathered, I looked at our sea of white jerseys and saw one solitary blue jersey. In the middle of our huddle sat my “David”! His jersey was clean, he didn’t weigh more than 150 pounds, and he looked more like a manager than a football player. But he came to pray.

What happened next was amazing. Some of “David’s” teammates noticed he was with us. I don’t know what motivated them, but one by one, his teammates joined our team for prayer. My “David” stepped out in faith to do what he knew his God wanted him to do; that one step had an impact on hundreds of people that night!

As coaches we are challenged every day to do what is right. As coaches committed to Jesus, the One who offered himself for our sake, we are called to do what is right regardless of the obstacles or costs. David could have lost his life fighting Goliath. My “David” could have lost his reputation praying with our team. With each, God was faithful and produced a great victory.


1. How could David’s example infuse confidence in you to step out for Jesus?
2. In what ways can you prepare your student athletes for their “David” experience?
3. What obstacles or challenges are you facing where God needs to intervene?


Extra Reading: Numbers 14:1–10; 1 Samuel 17:20–37; Daniel 3:8–18


Thank You, Lord God of all, that You are mightier and more powerful than any challenge I am facing. Increase my faith in Your abilities! Amen.