Be Disciplined

Ready Titus 1:7-8
Set Today is the birthday of Fernando Tatis. Fernando is the only player in Major league history to have hit two grand slams in one inning. On April 23, 1999, Tatis hit two grand slams while playing for the Cardinals in the second inning of a game against the LA Dodgers. Tatis, who had not hit a major league grand slam before, connected off Dodger pitcher Chan Ho Park. When asked what the key was for his success Tatis said, “Besides God, the key for me has been learning consistency. You have to be consistent and disciplined as a hitter and consistent and disciplined in your preparation to be successful in this game.”
Go Our Scripture lesson today deals with what an elder should be according to Paul. This standard would serve each of us well to adopt. One of the keys to the Christian life is being disciplined. As we begin the New Year our mind often goes to how we can have a better year. We make resolutions about everything from losing weight to being a better person. This year as we look at our relationship with God, how can we improve our daily faith walk with Him? We need to be disciplined to read His Word and pray daily. The more we learn spending time daily with God, the better we will be able to follow Him. Let’s begin this New Year by committing right now to be disciplined in having a daily quiet time. Being consistent and disciplined in our walk with God will enable us to make a difference for His Kingdom this year. Spending time with God each day is time well spent!
Workout 1. What can I do to be disciplined in my walk with God this year? 2. What is the time each day and where is the quiet place I will spend time with God?
Overtime When we are consistent and disciplined in baseball we can find success. When we are consistent and disciplined in our walk with God we find Him.
Bible Reference: 
Titus 1