To Be Honest with You


Food gained by fraud is sweet to a man, but afterwards his mouth is full of gravel.–Proverbs 20:17


Sometimes I believe English is the first spoken language in America, and “dishonesty” a close second. I often hear people say, “To be honest with you . . .” Does that mean that in previous conversations, they were not telling the truth? To have a successful team, to be a champion on and off the court, honesty must exist!

I once offered an orange to a boy at basketball practice. He loved oranges, because they’re so juicy. He took the orange with excitement, yet within seconds realized it was hollow. I had deceived him to show the affect of being dishonest. He was disappointed and constantly reminded me that I had lied. Some would claim it was “just a joke.” But what happens if we continually “joke”? We lose trust in each other. Dishonesty is a team killer.

Sometimes we may tell a lie to get something we want. If that something is acquired, it may seem “sweet” as Proverbs 20:17 states; but, in the end, will be disappointing and hurtful. Telling a lie may be pleasurable like a doughnut, but as we are savoring it, it will turn into dirt—disgusting, distasteful, and even painful on the teeth! It’s time to be strong and honest and build trust in our relationships and on our teams. Being an honest person will lead to a champion attitude.


1. Have you recently joked around and discovered that it hurt someone?
2. Have you noticed how dishonesty can tear a team apart?
3. When is it hard to be honest?


Proverbs 12:19; 12:22; 1 Corinthians 13:5-7


Heavenly Father I know You hate dishonesty and love truth. Help me to be honest in all I say and do. I want to see my relationships become strong and trustworthy, and I can only do this with Your help. Thank You. Amen.