Laughter - A Walk Off Factor


"Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy. Then it was said among the nations, 'The Lord has done great things for them.'" - Psalm 126:2


Ever wonder why focus and determination are such an important part of success?  The score was tied 2-2 in the bottom of the 7th in a battle for the local Senior League Baseball championship. As I stood in the first base coaches box with one out, I began going over "what if" scenarios with the runner on first.  The batter, an erratic player with a huge heart had just fanned two pitches and stood at home plate with an 0-2 count. I heard my name and looked around to see who was calling it and it was our batter asking me to come talk to him.  Not wanting to use our lone timeout at that moment I shouted some encouragement and returned my focus to the runner on first.

The batter was persistent though.  He remained out of the batters box and kept motioning for me.  Eventually the umpire instructed the batter to return to the batters box or play would resume where he stood. Not wanting to lose the at bat I called time and met with the batter. His first words to me were, "Coach, tell me a joke!"  I was stunned. Wholly flabbergasted, I asked him to repeat himself to make sure I heard things right and, sure enough, this young man wanted me to tell him a joke. 

Not really knowing what else to do, I told the young man a joke.  He trotted back to home plate and I meandered back to first base.   When I arrived back at first base the runner asked me what the batter had wanted and I told him, "he wanted me to tell him a joke."  I'm not sure that the young man believed me and so he just stared blankly at me.

The pitcher then threw an inside fastball that the batter turned on for a two-run, walk off home run.  I was more stunned than I was when he had asked me to tell him a joke. It was at that time, watching that young man sprint around the bases to join his celebrating teammates, that I learned that sometimes in sports, and life, we get too caught up in focus and determination. That is not to say that focus and determination are not necessary for athletic and life success, but we need to remember that God did create laughter and joy along with focus and determination and it is okay to be joyful and laugh.


1. Am I so focus and determined that I miss out on the laughter God has created in my life?

2. Where can I find opportunities for Godly laughter in my life?

3. How can I share Godly laughter with those I come in contact with?


Proverbs 17:22; Job 8:20-21; Ecclesiastes 3:4

Bible Reference: 
Proverbs 17:22
Job 8:20-21
Ecclesiastes 3:4